Concrete Boots’ Quesadillas – $15

All served with a side of guacamole and pico de gallo

Pulled pork

With monterey jack cheese, pickled cucumbers, jalapenos and mustard

BBQ jackfruit

With mochi ‘cheese’, pickled cucumbers, jalapenos and mustard (v)

Jerk chicken and mango chutney

24-hour jerk chicken with mango chutney and monterey jack cheese

Pair it with: A Dark & Stormy

Toasties – $14

Southern style reuben

Pastrami, sauerkraut and gruyere cheese on rye

Pair it with: A boilermaker. Try Moon Dog’s Old Mate Pale Ale and Dewars’ 15yo

Roasted mushroom (vg)

Vegan ‘feta’, roasted mushrooms with tomato relish

Bourbon bacon & cheese

Bourbon maple bacon with caramelised onion, sliced tomato and monterey jack cheese

Share Plates

Bowl of chips (vg)

Served with dead horse


Sweet potato chips (vg)

Served with vegan aioli


Pickle chips (vg)

Tempura battered housemade pickles, served with vegan ranch sauce

Pair it with: Jameson served your way


Flatbread with dips
(vg | gfo)

Three seasonal vegetable dips, warm flatbread and olive oil


Avocado and umeboshi tartare
(v | gfo)

Diced avocado, shallots, umeboshi and caper puree with egg yolk and toasted baguette

What’s umeboshi? Umeboshi is fermented ume fruit, popular in Japan.


Croquettes (v)

Bechamel and chive croquettes, tomato relish


Pan-fried chicken ribs (gf)

Marinated in yoghurt spice mix and served with labneh tzatziki


Sambal squid

With pan-fried tomato and spicy sambal oelek


(vgo | gf | two per serve)

Fish OR housemade vegan ‘fish’ fillet, mango salsa, guacamole and lime on a corn tortilla

Pair it with: A Tommy’s Margarita


Quinoa and mango salad (VG | GF)

Quinoa, red onion, coriander and fermented mango
Add protein?

  • Pulled pork $6
  • Jerk chicken $4
  • Jackfruit $3